Linguajoy Pro website has been created by Joris Demange.
Branding & Website

Linguajoy Pro


UI/UX Design, branding, Wordpress, front-end development


Freelance project


Linguajoy is an innovative language club based in Helsinki, teaching individuals and groups in a dynamic way. It is launching a new service aimed at professionals and companies, and therefore needed new communication tools.
I took care of the art direction, the UI and UX of the website, and the front-end and back-end development.
The new logo is a declination of the original one, using the same font and colors to preserve the unity of the two brands.

We had two main goals for this website: informing the visitor about the services offered in an easy, accessible way, and reflecting the key values of Linguajoy throughout the website - being inspiring, vibrant, joyful.
The website had to be clear and easy to use, and to incite the visitors to get in touch with the company.
The following images are screenshots from the actual website.